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  • How to Install Grand Theft Auto V Mods on PC It was worth the wait to get GTA V on PC. Not because some prefer keyboard controls, but also because of unlimited modding (that isn’t possible on 8Gen consoles). Even in 2020, the game retains high interest from players, partly due to the possibility to mod it. Let’s add new weapons, ne... Kitty Forester
  • Crazy Mods GTA 5 Supports on PC Grand Theft Auto V is one of the greatest games ever made. But are there any ways to make it even better? If you play GTA V on a computer, you have an opportunity of installing an unlimited number of mods to improve your copy of the game! Rockstar Games are fans of modding, too, so they made it easy... Kitty Forester
  • 5 Best Vehicle Mods in GTA 5 There are really, really many GTA 5 mods vehicles that are one of the most important elements, and if having the car of your dream legally is impossible, modders break the law, like their characters. What are the best mods? A tough question. In our attempts to decide, we have narrowed the field. So... Kitty Forester
  • The Worthiest GTA 5 Mods of 2020 The Grand Theft Auto game series has always been perfect for modding. Houser brothers are huge fans of user mods, so they make every GTA game very convenient for implementing any crazy idea that comes into modders’ heads. As a result, the Internet’s full of various mods for every chapter... Kitty Forester
  • The Best GTA 5 Mods That Enhance the Origin One of the best things about the PC version of GTA V – its moddability. If you think the developers have gone wrong in anything, or skipped a good twist, or made it not the way you like – there’s a mod for that. However, there are some limitations. If you want to mod GTA5 PS4 is n... Kitty Forester