5 Best Vehicle Mods in GTA 5

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There are really, really many GTA 5 mods vehicles that are one of the most important elements, and if having the car of your dream legally is impossible, modders break the law, like their characters. What are the best mods? A tough question.

In our attempts to decide, we have narrowed the field. So, no aviation or trains: they are a special section. No vehicles that have no real prototypes. And (though it’s fun) no vehicles imported from other franchises, like Futurama, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Fallout. Let’s focus on real cars, as the game is set in real world, though a bit hyperized. So, welcome the guide on car modes GTA5 can boast of.

By the way, it lets you avoid situations like “where is my car?” GTA 5 offers in excess. The big open world has a lot of places where you can leave your car and then forget the location. But if your vehicle is exclusive, you will easily recognize it as you run (or drive) into it.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Heil Champion! This is officially the fastest car in the world: in September 2019, it reached almost 305 mph. Based on the serial supercar, it is also a modded version that is to be released in 2021 only, and the batch will only include 30 cars. If you are outside of the lucky 30, but want to try it right now – well, that’s what GTA V modding is for.

The future hypercar version for GTA V is made with all due detail. Both the interior and the body of this car are made in HD. As for physics, the designer took care to emulate realistic rubber tires and metal wheels, fiber carbon body, dials and the steering wheel — everything is realistic. The designer is constantly updating the model.

The combination of black and orange looks noble, as well as the predate profile of the car. The colors of the original are brighter, though the model is still quite close to the prototype. That’s the vehicle to kill for.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

This sports car by Lamborghini is the flagship for the 2010s. Its official top speed is “only” 220 mph, but it’s way more popular than the “unearthly” Chiron. Its flipping doors remind winds, and the car seems to set off and fly away the next moment after the doors open. Among all, this one has a Spanish name, as they say, after one of the bravest and the strongest bulls ever taking part in corrida. It just belongs in Los Santos. What else should a GTA V player wish for?

There is more than one mod introducing this model, and no wonder: designers had their chance to see this masterpiece from the outside and from the inside, experience its speed and comfort. Among them all, we’d recommend one by Vans123. Not only is it designed in HD for those with HD screens and powerful video adapters. It’s fully destructible, made with all due respect to the prototype, including lights, mirrors, working steering wheel, and realistic materials. You can paint both exterior and interior with any color you like.

2019 Ford F450 Super Duty Platinum 4 Door Tow Truck Pack

2019 Ford F450 Super Duty Platinum 4 Door Tow Truck Pack

Ford 450 Superduty series has been around since 1999, with significant evolution but still recognizable. Hard and heavy, it’s the strong one among urban trucks, and in F450 version, it has dual rear wheels. It’s not about racing: it’s the slow but unstoppable roaring force.

As for this mod, it’s equipped with a police tow (like it can be in real life). With it, you can easily grab other cars if you need to. It will take some time to get used to it, but due to realistic physics, it’s easy. You can fill the interior with up to 4 characters, change lights colors, and so on. There are three versions in different colors, one of them equipped with police lights. Being far from the most popular, this one can have a terrifying effect on the streets of Los Santos.

2015 BMW F82 M4

2015 BMW F82 M4

It’s the pumped (but not pimped yet) version of BMW 4 coupe edition, with twin turbocharged engine, quite fast for its class at up to 190 mph, and looking like a metal beast of a car – that’s important for gaming, heh. Alas, in 2020 this model was discontinued. But we still have thousands of them around, and the digital version in this beast of a game.

As for its GTA 5 version, it’s one of the most customizable vehicles in the game, including mods. Great as it is in the original version, it can be made even better if you give some time to Gameconfig.xml. In it, you can select its parameters. Change everything, from engine and wheels to interior details and lights — this one is yours. No wonder that among all GTA5 mods this is one of the most popular.

1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

That’s the good old America! Elvis on the radio, Ike in the White House, curly blondes and pompadour guys, chanting The Colonel Bogey march after The Bridge on the River Kwai… in the drive-in on a Royal Lancer, a shiny roaring dream. This is a symbol of the America they didn’t have to make great again. Still raising the flag on Okinawa, not stuck in Nam yet, it drove the Dodge, the one that doesn’t feel old even if it’s Billie Eilish on your radio in it. It’s the youth of those big guys ruling the underworld.

The one in GTA 5 is a 2-door version of 1957, with realistic materials, wheels and engine, interior and exterior. Pure classics! It has a working steering wheel and reflector, speedometer and stuff. It’s one of the freshest mods, and it will yet be updated.

Bonus 1: Vehicle Mod Installer

If you have ever tried to install a mod, you know how much minor fiddling it takes. This can be automated, so there is a GTA 5 Vehicle Mod Installer. It isn’t perfect so far. The author admits that it can only perform about 90% of installing routine, so don’t hurry to ditch your manual skills. But if it works for you, it saves a lot of time — especially if you’re into trying many various mods.

Bonus 2: Realistic Driving

For most car mods GTA 5 features rather an arcade-style of driving. That’s logical, as it’s not a simulator. But if you prefer more physically accurate driving, this mod is to the rescue. With it, you can experience more driving excitement, no matter if you’re racing for your life or just cruising around.

Your Favorite Mods

And what are your favorite vehicle mods in GTA 5? What do you expect from a good mod? What cars do you prefer? And do you install them manually or with the installer? Share your experience with us and other fans!

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