Crazy Mods GTA 5 Supports on PC

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Grand Theft Auto V is one of the greatest games ever made. But are there any ways to make it even better? If you play GTA V on a computer, you have an opportunity of installing an unlimited number of mods to improve your copy of the game! Rockstar Games are fans of modding, too, so they made it easy to change various preferences of the game and add something new to it. As a result, the web is full of both GTA5 funny modes and some epic upgrades that can make you love this game even more. Let’s take a look at the best of them!

1. GTA5 Snow Mod

GTA5 Snow Mod

GTA V is the first game in the entire series that introduced snowy locations. However, they are spotted only in the opening mission that takes place far away from Los Santos. Fortunately, modders found the code that’s responsible for snow, extracted it from that mission, and created a mode that can add snow to the entire map of the game. Actually, you can find several variations of it on the web and download the one that looks the best to you.

2. Hot Coffee Mod

Hot Coffee Mod

Do you remember the infamous Hot Coffee mod for GTA: San Andreas? This scandalous mod wasn’t even a mod. Modders found a piece of deactivated code that was responsible for a sexual mini-game in which Carl could make love with his girlfriend. GTA V takes place in the same region that GTA: SA, so it’s quite obvious that modders made a similar mode for the newer game. You can download Hot Coffee Mod GTA5 to enable the imitation of sexual scenes in the game. Whether you want to have some fun during your next GTA stream or just compare the new mod with the classic one, you’ll enjoy it.

3. Meteor Shower and Tsunami Mods

Meteor Shower Mode

GTA V is perhaps the best game for imitating all kinds of all-natural disasters. The Meteor Shower mod allows you to enable a realistic meteor shower and watch what happens. The animations and physics of meteors are so realistic that you can feel yourself within an apocalyptic movie. People will scream and run for their lives, causing absolute mayhem in Los Santos.

Another scenario that you can play is Tsunami. It lets you flood the entire map to see the aftermath of a huge tsunami. The view from the rooftops of skyscrapers and mountains is just crazy. Reach the highest point around, use a cheat for a helicopter, activate the mod, and have fun exploring the destroyed city of Los Santos!

4. Gang Mod

Gang Mod

Similarly to the Hot Coffee mod, GTA5 Gang Mod is a tribute to GTA: San Andreas. It brings various gangs to the game, letting you join the one you like and take part in gang wars. The mod includes such groupings as bikers, gangsters, and many others. You can come and join any of them or take part in random encounters. It’s an excellent way to add more GTA: SA features to GTA V and enjoy the nostalgia with excellent graphics.

5. Pedestrian Riot Mod

Pedestrian Riot Mod

This one is inspired by the GTA: Vice City cheat that made all citizens run at you to kill you. The Pedestrian Riot mod upgrades this idea and turns the entire city into a civil war battlefield. When you activate it, all pedestrians receive random types of weapons and start shooting each other. Besides, the mode teaches them all the basics of military skills. It means that they know how to ambush, use covers, apply the basics of battle strategy. We recommend this mode if you want to start a real war on the streets of the city.

6. Iron Man and Hulk Mods

Iron Man Mod

If you’re a fan of Marvel movies, you will be happy to have an Iron Man outfit for your character. With the Iron Man mod, you can do even more. It provides you with access to the entire collection of Iron Man exoskeletons. You can take any light or heavy costume and traverse the city using rocket engines. Other Tony Starks tools, such as nuclear beam and power punch, are available as well. What is more, it makes you totally invulnerable to all weapons and vehicles.

The Hulk mod is even crazier. It lets you turn into a strong green monster to jump over buildings, throw vehicles, and punch crowds of people with a single wave of an arm. Together with Euphoria physics, this mode lets you cause mayhem.

7. Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook Mod

Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook Mod

The Just Cause series always tried to compete with GTA, and some of its features are really crazy. The grappling hook is a fan favorite tool that lets you shoot into any object to get on top of it from around 30-50 meters. In GTA V, this tool opens even more opportunities for having fun! You can shoot it on merely any distance and fly from one place to another like Spiderman. It also lets you get into any car, bike, or even a flying helicopter without problems!

8. Real Life Graphic Overhaul Mod

Real Life Graphic Overhaul Mod

Although GTA V is a 7-year-old game, it still looks pretty good. However, there are many newer games that look much more realistic. Using the Real Life Graphic Overhaul Mod, you can make it look like a perfect GTA from the future. This mode enables 4K resolution textures, ultra-realistic lighting and reflections, a better particle system, enhanced plants, better wind physics, and realistic road defects. Playing the game with new visuals feels like you have a brand new GTA game on your computer.

9. Space Mod

Space Mod

The map of GTA 5 is huge and exciting, but who will refuse to look at what’s up there above the sky? Space mode lets you wear a NASA space suit and drive a space shuttle directly to the cosmos! There you can visit the Moon, Mars, ride on a space buggy, take missions from scientists, and have fun trying to land on gas giants. The journey takes several hours, and it’s really worth it! You can choose from several types of vehicles, including futuristic spaceships that can reach faraway planets faster than NASA shuttles.

Install Carefully

Before installing a new mode, make sure that you download it from a reliable website, and your computer hardware is powerful enough to handle it. The installation process is usually very simple and described on the downloading page of every mode. Before downloading the modes from our top list, tell us about your favorite GTA V modes in the comments below! And don’t forget to share the article with your friends.

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