How to Install Grand Theft Auto V Mods on PC

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It was worth the wait to get GTA V on PC. Not because some prefer keyboard controls, but also because of unlimited modding (that isn’t possible on 8Gen consoles). Even in 2020, the game retains high interest from players, partly due to the possibility to mod it. Let’s add new weapons, new cars, create new looks for heroes, enable dubbed audio despite Rockstar’s position, and do anything you wish!

As for Rockstar, it could have encrypted the files to make modding impossible, but it preferred to recognize this feature and enable it on Steam. There are also numerous independent sites offering various GTA5 free mods. Almost anyone can make a mod and publish it there; it’s users’ response that helps you detect if this particular mod is worthy.

How a GTA V Mod Looks

If you visit a popular site with mods and download any random one, you will find no familiar .exe installer. Instead, it will be a .RAR or .ZIP archive with a folder and one or two files in it. What’s that?

The answer is in the folder. In short, you need to replace the original files of the game with those from the archive. Then start the game, and it will automatically apply the modifications.

How to Install a GTA V Mod

Let’s suppose you remember where you installed your GTA V original game. (If not, come on and get it first!) We assume you installed it from Steam. If so, it will usually be placed in C:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V. The location may change, though, if you chose another path (say, another drive) or installed it from elsewhere. If you’re in trouble, enter GTAV.exe in your search bar and press Enter. It will lead you to the folder you need.

Then unpack the file you have downloaded. It contains a folder with several files. Copy this folder into your GTA V folder.

Some things you must remember while installing these mods:

· You will need administrator access to replace the original files with mods. You better
· It will take some fiddling to navigate through folders within Windows Explorer. A dual-panel file manager, like Total Commander, is a better tool for this. In addition, it has a built-in archiver, so you can handle archive files just like regular folders and copy files to GTA5 directory without unpacking.
· Read “README.TXT”! It is usually right in the archive, in its root directory. It contains instructions on how to install Grand Theft Auto mods in general and this one in particular. Read it to learn where to copy the mod files, how to adjust the parameters in configuration files, and so on.
· Read the pages you download the modes from. For example, on the page of an updated GTA5 mod menu download, you may see how the new menu looks on screenshots and maybe videos. If other users have left any comments, read them: maybe they have encountered bugs, or, on the contrary, found the mod good.

Modding GTA Online

Instructions on how to mod GTA5 Online PC variation are improbable to ever appear. The matter is that the servers are checking the version each time you enter. If you try to connect with the modded version, you’ll be identified as a cheater and not let in. In theory, mods that only change the appearance of the game should be legal there. But Rockstar Games won’t let even this happen. So, mods are for story mode only. With them, it shines again, despite getting so familiar in these years.

Your Modding Experience

Have you installed any mods for your GTA V, or you prefer the vanilla version? Which troubles have you run into? Have there been any incidents worth telling? Share your story in comments, and this may be as exciting as actually playing GTA V.

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