The Best GTA 5 Mods That Enhance the Origin

Kitty Forester

One of the best things about the PC version of GTA V – its moddability. If you think the developers have gone wrong in anything, or skipped a good twist, or made it not the way you like – there’s a mod for that.

However, there are some limitations. If you want to mod GTA5 PS4 is no option, neither is Xbox One. As smooth as they run, they don’t allow modifications. So, connect your gamepad to the tower and enter the PC. If you want a GTA 5 money mod, the game will consider it a cheat, and servers may ban you as a cheater. So these ones are only applicable in story mode and offline.

We also decided to avoid crossovers, because, with Fallout, Star Wars, or Hulk mod GTA5 becomes rather a fanfic item. And this is quite an amusing genre, but a completely different one. So, all the mods on GTA5 below preserve the original aesthetic and most of the gameplay enhances it and add new dimensions.

Natural Vision Remastered

It’s one of the most spectacular Grand Theft Auto 5 mods. As great as it was for 2013, in 2020, the original visuals may seem obsolete. And it’s not the retro style we love about Minecraft and likes. It’s just limited performance of available hardware: remember, this game had to run on PS3! To maintain compatibility, Rockstar Games keeps from major updates. But there are mods to make it right.

With Natural Vision Remastered, the game shines again. It is inspired by fresher games, especially racing ones and urban RPGs. Razed, the developer, spent so many hours of it that it would be enough to make a good indie game. It took lots of walks around Los Angeles and Salton Sea, both in Google Maps and in photo and video footage.

By 2020, this mod keeps living, now under a new name – Natural Vision Evolved. It revamps weapons and cars, changes lighting and weather, and making an entirely new game based on the classical GTA5. Now there is an entire team behind it instead of a single enthusiast, so things get more serious.

Realistic Damage System

Just like the previous mod, this one adds features the developers just couldn’t afford back in 2013. What about physics of injuries? Originally, it’s anything but natural. If you want your GTA V to be less arcade, Realistic Damage System is what the doctor ordered.

Now these dolls have anatomy close to the human one. They have nerves, lungs, circulatory systems, limbs, and all these organs are damaged in a more natural way. It also rates wounds in five grades, from None and Light to Heavy and Deadly, which define the level of bleeding and summary damage. Now it really gets bloody.

Fine-Tuned Felony & Response

And here comes yet another mod that adds realism to the system. Are the cops really that fast to learn about the crimes you commit? Now they aren’t if you do your job quietly. That means that now you can just steal close to your victims from behind to stab them. A silenced shot won’t be heard as well, but if anyone notices the bullet (it’s possible), you’ll be disclosed. And even if there is a living witness, it takes some time for them to make the call.

As for the sixth sense the cops use to detect your approximate location, it is still there, but cops don’t spawn so close to you anymore. This makes getting away easier, and the tactics you use more exquisite. The mod is constantly updated and compatible with all the updates in 2020.

Single Player Garage


As you make your way from rags to riches, you obtain more and more high life attributes — for example, cars. Can’t you afford a decent home for your wheeled friends? With this mod, you can have a dozen new garages all over the place. With Extra Singleplayer Garages it can be expanded to thirty. More? Hardly. The developer has called it a day. On the other hand, will you really need that many cars? The game has much other stuff to pay attention to.

Fuel Script V Mod

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur’s horse needs to be fed. Horses are to RDR series what cars are to GTA. Somehow originally cars in GTA V seem to have an inexhaustible gas tank. That’s not cool! This mod adds a fuel meter above your minimap. If you’re running out of it, you slowly stop. Yet there are gas stations around, plus you can carry some jerry cans with you. This mod handles the 10 latest cars you have used in the game, but it only works with the three default characters.

Vehicle Controller Script

Of course, this game is rather of theft than of auto. But why not make is really grand? Vehicle Controller Script gives you way more freedom when it comes to cars and other vehicles — for example, you don’t have to stop the engine and close the driver’s side door when leaving the car, so you can return to it and get started in a moment. Another useful perk is cruise control, letting you rest a bit while driving somewhere far. It also brings control of lights, windows, siren sounds, signals, and other cosmetics. You can call it minor, but the immersion is made of minor things.

Mobile Radio Script

As the world goes mobile, so does Los Santos. You don’t have to be at home or behind the wheel to listen to the radio, and who will argue with some good music wherever you go? This simple script adds a radio receiver that is supposed to be in your mobile phone with earphones. In fact, it just works. In the menu, you can see the “Self Radio” option. And yes, you can add your own tracks by just copying .MP3 files to your User Music directory.

Mobile Money Vault

When it comes to money, getting it from the air is cheating rather than modding, and it’s not welcomed. Still, there is a GTA5 money mod that revamps the way you interact with your earnings. This mod adds a bank phone number to your in-game mobile. After installing it, take your mobile and enter the address book, then find a contact named “Mobile Money Vault”. Call them, and you’ll see the usual vault menu. Not a new island or police/crime rebalance – just a minor detail that still brings a major change.

Here Is Our Choice. What About Yours?

All of the mods above preserve the original feel of GTA V. They just make the gameplay and the feeling way better. And what are your favorite mods? Do you know better alternatives to these ones? Have you tried them? Do you like modding at all? Maybe you even make your own? Feel free to leave a comment or answer one. We’ll appreciate that too.

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