The Worthiest GTA 5 Mods of 2020

Kitty Forester

The Grand Theft Auto game series has always been perfect for modding. Houser brothers are huge fans of user mods, so they make every GTA game very convenient for implementing any crazy idea that comes into modders’ heads. As a result, the Internet’s full of various mods for every chapter of the series, and you can download and install any of them for free. The most exciting GTA, when it comes to mods, is GTA V, so let’s take a look at the hottest GTA 2020 mods that you can enjoy right away.

1. NaturalVision Remastered: The Newest GTA5 Mod

NaturalVision Remastered

GTA V has been one of the best looking games for 7 years already, but times change, and modern 2019-2020 PCs can perform well even in much more difficult graphical tasks. While we still don’t know anything about the next GTA game, you can turn your copy of GTA5 into a much more realistic 2021 game using the newest GTA5 mod for graphics overhaul. NaturalVision Remastered enables sleek 4K textures, enhanced lighting and shadows, realistic water and nature (including weather conditions), and ultra-realistic vehicles. If you can’t wait for GTA VI, this mode is a great opportunity to look at how it could look like in 2021.

2. Vice Cry Remastered

Vice Cry Remastered

Many players call GTA V a remastered San Andreas because it takes place in the same city of Los Santos. Another fan-favorite game in the series is GTA Vice City, and modders managed to reincarnate the beautiful city from the game, using the modern graphical engine of GTA 5. The result is beyond praise. The mod presents a detailed and alive remaster of the classic GTA map. What is more, the mod includes a bunch of new missions, which makes it a small GTA 5 DLC! Go to the airport, take a jet, and head South to Vice City!

3. GTA5 Zombies Mod

GTA5 Zombies Mod

The Simple Zombies mode will implement your dream about a zombie apocalypse in Los Santos. Using this mode, you can turn GTA into a zombie survival simulator. You can not only shoot the walking dead, but also manage your stats, construct forts, and even recruit other survivors if you find them somewhere around the city. It’s one of the most detailed GTA 5 mods ever made, and it’s recommended to everyone who enjoyed the zombie mode in Red Dead Redemption 10 years ago or just loved fighting the monsters.

4. Intensity ENB

Intensity ENB

We all can’t wait to see Cyberpunk 2077 in the near future, but CD Project Red doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. So what can be better than turning GTA 5 into a dark rainy place lighted with neon? The Intensity ENB mode tunes up the contrast, lighting, and weather to match the concept of a perfect cyberpunk movie, making you feel like playing a Bladerunner 2049 game. Download some cyberpunk music to the custom radio station and enjoy the Los Santos of the future.

5. GTA Realism

GTA Realism

While NaturalVision Remastered makes the whole game look like real-life footages, the GTA5 Realism mod adds some important details to the city to make its behavior more realistic. This mode lets you drive by the traffic lights and speed limits, and notice dozens of small but very natural details that are absent in the original game. Now the character has to sit down to take a weapon from the ground, he bleeds if someone shots him, bullets can ricochet, cops behave like real professionals, cars have replaceable tires and many more exciting things.

6. Angry Planes

Angry Planes

The origins of this mod come from a malware code that was disguised in the original version of the mod. Fortunately, some whitehat modders have cleaned it up already. The mod turns all the plane pilots who spawn in the air above into fierce kamikazes who struggle to kill you at any cost. Make sure that your graphics card and RAM are powerful enough to handle such a huge number of simultaneous explosions and enjoy.

7. LSPD First Response

LSPD First Response

This mode lets you experience the classic GTA Vice City police mode. Activating the mode, you achieve an opportunity to get hired in the local LSPD department and to start completing dangerous police missions. This mod is so comprehensive and detailed that you can feel like playing a full-value police DLC for GTA 5. LSPD First Response provides hours of immersive gameplay and introduces several new mechanics.

8. Prison Mod

Prison Mod

Imprisoning in the original GTA5 is quite plain as they just take away your weapon and some money, independently from the crime you commit. This mod makes things really different. The mode brings a realistic judicial system to the game, making it a real challenge to get free again. Any time you get caught by the police, you will get into Los Santos prison. You can either walk around and interact with the environment until they decide to set you free, or plan a prison break to run away earlier.

9. Open All Interiors

Open All Interiors

Anyone who plays GTA5 dreams about the ability to enter any building that has an interior behind the unbreakable glass. Fortunately, it’s all possible with Open All Interiors mod. It unlocks almost every door in the city that you may consider openable. Now imagine the number of opportunities for mayhem! You can now hide from the police in almost any building and play hide-and-seek. There’s nothing else to do with the mod, but the amount of immersiveness that it adds to the game is hard to overestimate.

10. Become Superhot

This one is perhaps one of the most creative GTA5 mods every made. The idea of the mod is that the time around the player moves only if the player moves. The idea’s borrowed from the Superhot movie, but it looks even more impressive in the interactive environment. You can freeze explosions, enemy bullets, traffic, and anything else that moves. It’s an excellent way to turn GTA5 into an interactive, action-packed sci-fi movie.

GTA Paradise

With such a bunch of high-quality mods, you can experience GTA V from a brand new side and enjoy hours of fresh gameplay. This game is crazy by default, but these mods will make it absolutely insane! However, these are not all the cool modes that exist. If you know some more cool GTA V modes of 2020, tell us about them in the comments and share the article with other GTA fans, you know.

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