1 Mile Escape [Menyoo]

1 Mile Escape [Menyoo]

1 Mile Escape [Menyoo] Review
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Added some new objects
deleted some invalid objects
changed the floor of the tunnel
added a exit/enter to jail cell

:For better experience turn off Never Wanted
And change your character to any Mexican Ped.
:Drive to the final destination with a car (Dont use Teleport or Helicopter)

You're a succesful Drug Lord But you got arrested and you really want to go out the prison so you hired some people to dig a tunnel for you to escape.

Your mission is to escape from the cops and arrive to your Hide out.

(Not guaranteed if the spawned peds will help you to kill cops)

(I know it's not 1 mile tunnel just use your imagination)

(Make sure you have the latest Menyoo)
Move XML file to
Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Spooner

Object Spooner/Manage Saved Files/1 mile Escape/Load Placements

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