1000 Modded Cars, Boats, Planes for GTA V

1000 Modded Cars, Boats, Planes for GTA V

1000 Modded Cars, Boats, Planes for GTA V Review
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My mod places 1600 !! Vehicles all over GTA V Map (cars,planes,helis,bikes,boats)
Some of them are in hard to reach places, some out in the open.
Now almost every house on the hills has some high quality modded cars/ helis near them
Also Customs Garages have other clients :)
Hospitals also have parked cars very near.
This mod also places heist vehicles on the map!
Also kurumas and whatnot
Purpose of this mod is to have beautiful modded cars ready to steal all over the place.
It also places planes,boats in fun or useful places.

Have Fun


MORE SCREENS : https://plus.google.com/photos/103008693331145096093/albums/6157680958252161505
This mod is actually dependent on already having
Szabo's Persistance Mod installed
You can download it here ( https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/szabo-s-persistance-mod ) ( LUA code script )

Installation :
After properly setting Szabos mod save one vehicle and exit game .
Szabo's mod by default creates a file called szabopersist (whithout extension)
Just replace that file with mine and start the game again and that's it :)

To easily spot vehicles from a distance change one line in persist.lua :
FROM : local spawndistance = 70
TO: local spawndistance = 200
This will make vehicles visible (load) from longer distance


If u think green blips are distracting there's a way to make them black.
Search for this in persist.lua :
local function setvehiclemarker(v, mtype)

Replace this line :
local col = 16742399 --green-blue spawned
local col = 00000099 --16742399 --green-blue spawned
Done :D

Fixed few colors and added 50 new cars, helis, bikes
Fixed few ugly colors on few rides

Added 100 awesome high end rides :D
Fixed few ugly colors on few heli's

Added 100 helis, boats, submersibles
Reworked over 120 rims on previous rides and new ones
I guess this is final version for a while :)

UPDATE 4 : Psych :D Few Lazers and Hydras more

UPDATE 5: 300 more vehicles in remote areas

UPDATE 6 : fixed 1 stoopid vehicle causing mission fail

UPDATE 7 : Added few beauties
Fixed a lot of stupid gray ugly rimZ
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