1950s San Andreas License Plates

1950s San Andreas License Plates

1950s San Andreas License Plates Review
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Ever wanted to go into the virtual wingadinga culture of the 50s? Ever wanted automatic, systematic, hydromatic, greasy (what?) static electricity? Have you ever craved the old California plates of the 1950s, but lore-friendly? Well, I have the plates for you, daddy-o.

Sorry, I'll never say that again - this is my first license plate mod for GTA V! With thanks to WildBrick124 for giving me credit to use and giving help for modifying the plates in the first place, this is a modification of "San Andreas (Yellow)" to fit with actual California license plates from 1956 to 1962.

There are two ways you can install this: as a replacement, in which you replace the Yankton plates with these, or an addon...which I'm not so sure about, read the readme. I would also recommend the usage of the License Plate Changer by leftas - a configuration for maximum realism is listed in the readme.

I hope you enjoy using these niche plates for your niche car set-ups. You may use these in screenshots and other modding things, so long as you give me fair credit somewhere. I am in communications with others in the lore-modding community as to make a police/exempt version of these plates, but that's in early stages. Also, if you want a California variant...make one yourself, that's too much heavy lifting.

This file is EXCLUSIVE to GTA5-Mods, please DO NOT redistribute without PERMISSION!
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