1966 Batmobile Homage - BS Stallion

1966 Batmobile Homage - BS Stallion

1966 Batmobile Homage - BS Stallion Review
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Ok guys, here goes my first attempt on vehicle texture editing, so bare with me.

Considering we still dont have the best tools for editing vehicle textures i did my best trying to paying some kind of homage to the 1966 tv show Batmobile!. Not a lot of cars are available for edtiting so, maybe i'll try again at a later time.

The Batman suit you see there, i will be releasing soon =)

To install it you need to open ''OpenIV'' And drop all the files from the folders on these THREE different locations. Each folder has the name of the location so you know where to drop what.




Then just use a trainer and spawn the Burger Shot Stalion.

Ill be uploading the suit plus something more tomorrow probably. Hope you enjoy!

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