7 ELEVEN Sign patches for All 24/7 stores + Billlboards [Ymap Add-on DLC]

7 ELEVEN Sign patches for All 24/7 stores + Billlboards [Ymap Add-on DLC]

7 ELEVEN Sign patches for All 24/7 stores + Billlboards [Ymap Add-on DLC] Review
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This mod is ambitious of getting decent 7 eleven store look so I made this DLC as first step that covers all 24 / 7 stores at entire San Andreas state. This will not remove any vanilla files but instead it only patches over the 3d brushes by using series of useful vanilla prop file with custom textures.

- sign patches for all 24/7 stores which with-interior and those which have no interior all across San Andreas.
- fake lights source
- new 7 eleven Billboard at countryside store near beach highway
*stand alone billboard which does not affect/share vanilla billboard textures*
- 4k advert billboard textures.
- cubic billboard at Vineprint printing press - having 12 slots that can be customized 1 by 1 , where you can put whatever advertisement you want.
- 1 Liquor store converted to 7-11 with Budweiser billboard ads near auntie D house
- beautified 7-eleven signs

note:Xero Gas stations' stores are not 24/7 so they are not included.. but depends on your demand people ,it can be applicable.

future updates: will be going for retextures of interiors where you can fully see/experience a perfect 7-11 stores and adding outdoor posters. . . a plan of converting 1 xero gas station near Vespucci beach into 7-11 with MILO interior , it will be possible if I can obtain a 3ds max software so anyone is encouraged to donate and be much appreciated.

for the mean time you can use an outdated interior mod.

FPS drop: are you experiencing a bad time of low/reduced fps problem and want to fix it? if you have weak graphics card there is only one workaround choice. . you need to do replace method for the files inside "theoverlays.rpf" ,, put all .ydr and .ytd files to their respective root .rpf , dont mind about the .ymap and .ytyp , after the replacing method delete all the files inside theoverlays.rpf ..
This is also doable for the RCA(real California architectures) mod.


- now bug free ( no more issue about any mods associating with custom_maps.rpf )
- added the ff big billboards at south central
1. Cubic billboard- which is never used by Rockstar that i utilized
(it can be customized by finding the textures of these advertisements and editing/replacing them with your own)
2. Double up billboard
- added 2 signboards at blane county
- Fully patched the 24/7 signs while retaining some emissive light.
- eliminated 24/7 logos at the desert
- Retextures of exterior ( removing 24/7 logos and changing posters )
- LOD/SLOD fixes

1.0 - initial release

1. with openIV while in Edit-mode, put the folder 7elevensignpatch(containing the dlc pack) to

\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks like drag and drop.

2. go to \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data , edit dlclist.xml and add the line below.


click save after edit.

3. Now you have installed the dlc. go ingame. enjoy!

-mod by me
-ymap adaption method by vagner-zn
-fake lights idea by memeriver
-dexyfex for |Codewalker 3d map editor tool|
-Neodymium for the Texture toolkit

Recommended downloads:
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Please rate the mod.. :) thanks!
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