94 Gate 6 Races Pack

94 Gate 6 Races Pack

94 Gate 6 Races Pack Review
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Only download this mod if you have downloaded Community Races

Hello! This is my Expansion Pack Races for Community Races.


1. 94 Gate 6 Race;
2. 94 Gate 6 Race BeaCh;
3. 94 Gate 6 Race United;
4. 94 Gate 6 Race Rètro;
5. 94 Gate 6 astrology.

1. Download last Community Races version from here.
2. Move all contents of the .zip into your /scripts/ directory. If it doesn't exist, create one.

v.3.1: Added race 94 Gate 6 astrology.
v.3.0: Added race 94 Gate 6 Race Rètro.
v.2.5: Added race 94 Gate 6 Race United.
v.2.0: Replaced objects that created bugs in loading 94 Gate 6 Race. Added race 94 Gate 6 Race BeaCh.
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