9mm/45 APC Micro Uzi

9mm/45 APC Micro Uzi

9mm/45 APC Micro Uzi Review
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Replaces the Micro Uzi texture to say either .9mm or .45 ACP instead of ACB.

Let's be honest ACB looks silly.

I prefer the 9mm version as the Uzi has 32 rounds with the extended magazine, which seems more realistic judging by its size.

I'll probably be making the 9mm version a little better as I have a small niggle with it. 10 points to whoever can guess what my issue with it is.

Check the read me for basic info on how to install, if you're using a different method to run mods (Such as a MODS folder) then I'm sure you just need the path.


Change log:

0.99 - Initial upload
1.0 - Removed stray files, tweak 9mm slightly.

This doesn't change the tint/camo/colour of the weapon!
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