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Before my explanation, changelog is in the far bottom (before my usual notes).

I messed around with the empty template that I made (Click here to download it), and just came up with this after a few hours of trying stuff. Nothing special, just a test version to see what you guys think about it. If I get positive reactions I'll add onto it with more stuff, and if I get negative reactions (hopefully not) I'll just let it be.

Planned Features
- Option to set specific weather permanently
- Option to set specific time permanently
- Vehicle invincibility option

In your main GTA5 directory, if you haven't already, create a folder and call it "scripts". If you already have it, then ignore the first step. Next, drag and drop or copy and paste the NativeUI.dll + Acquire.dll files into your scripts folder.

Make sure you have NativeUI and all needed ScriptHook files, then press F3 ingame and enjoy. It may lag at the first opening squence.

1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Fixed god mode checkbox in Player Menu
1.2 - Added "Heal Player" option in Player Menu
1.3 - Added "Wanted Levels" submenu in Player Menu
1.4 - Added config.ini file for customizing opening menu hotkey

People work hard at creating mods, so pay respect and don't leave hate when people upload, instead add constructive criticism and give them advice if you want them to upload "better" stuff.
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