Action Replay on Startup [.NET]

Action Replay on Startup [.NET]

Action Replay on Startup [.NET] Review
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What does this script do?
This script ensures that the Action Replay Recording mode is set ON as Default, so that you'll never miss a recording of that perfect moment. This also fixes the issue where when you ALT+TAB out of the game while in fullscreen mode, the game will reset the recording mode.

I made simple script, because there were many times where I forgot to change the recording mode to action replay. And the times where I did forget to change it, I had a couple of amazing ingame moments that I could've captured...

1. Make sure you have the latest ScriptHookVDotNet and ScriptHookV.
2. Place ActionReplayOnStartUp.dll and actionreplaysettings.ini in the scripts folder.
3. That's it!

Make sure you choose the correct keys for your Action Replay and Manual Record mode in the .ini file.
Action replay is defaulted to F2, and Manual Record is defaulted to F3.

Upcoming Features (if possible):
- I'm still trying to figure out how to use the Game Input Binds, instead of key presses, so that a .ini file isn't required, and it won't matter which hotkey you set your recording modes to.

Also, if there's any problems or bugs with the script, please let me know!
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