Added parking emergency vehicles [ SP ][ Map Editor | Ymap ]

Added parking emergency vehicles [ SP ][ Map Editor | Ymap ]

Added parking emergency vehicles [ SP ][ Map Editor | Ymap ] Review
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Added more emergency cars parking in Davis, Vinewood, Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores and Rockford Hills.The picture give me the idea to made this. I also notice there are the others map mod made by TypicalSteve , so you can check his mod,also I won't make the same like his to show respect.

Local Law Enforcement just levied 2 parking buildings which near Vinewood station and Davis station, so they could park more cars.

Screenshots show modded game, thanks modding community

Davis Division/Station got some North Yankton cars, you can replace them by edit the ymap file with your add-on cars.
The options can install Ymap or loads .xml with Map Editor and provide LSPD/LSSD Davis Division/Station program.
For highest realism experience(LSSD one), RDE is recommended,thanks realism team!

extract the files anywhere you want
just need open the xml files in game
for ymap, tutorial in YMAP folder

-Bugs:unknown, but the file is big than 100mb, 'cause the screenshots is big than 2mb every single one, If there is any mistake I do, pls help me to finish it!

To have:
-Map Editor
-Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter(For Ymap)
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