Aesthetic Trees (More Trees) [Add-On | YMAP]

Aesthetic Trees (More Trees) [Add-On | YMAP]

Aesthetic Trees (More Trees) [Add-On | YMAP] Review
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GTAV's map is beautifully well made, even moreso with all the vegetation and trees it has. Unfortunately, due to limitations of the old gen consoles and design choices, a lot of these trees were removed, leaving a lot of empty and bare places on the map. In this mod, I intend to touch up these empty areas by adding new trees to them.

To keep some variation, each tree is placed, rotated, re-sized (to be either fatter, skinnier, or scaled up or down multiple sizes), and tilted to match the terrain. I'm even playing around with making trees that appear fallen over. Different types of trees are used to make each area unique. My intention is to reasonably space out the trees, and not put them everywhere to save performance and also make each area seem unique rather than one giant forest.

This mod does not use scripthookv based map editors such as Menyoo or the one literally named map editor. It adds map data to the game (as DLC) using ymap files, which is how all the other map data in the game is stored. While this makes the mod a bit tedious to install and requires OpenIV, loading them into the game naturally means no prop limits, ambient occlusion, no weird stutter before loading, and increased performance. All editing is done using Codewalker, a lovely tool made by Dexyfex.

Installation in readme. If you've never installed an add on mod before, you may want to read carefully. There is also a low draw distance version for lower end machines.

Compatibility with other tree mods:

Forests of Chillad should work fine, I've done a few checks to make sure my trees don't clip too much, but there maybe be some that do. If you combine these two mods together, do expect a major drop in performance.

Known issues:
1. The collision for trees scaled to different sizes does not adjust, it uses the collision from the original size. Unless you on purposely crash into trees I don't see this as a huge issue. Either there's no way to do this in Codewalker yet, or I'm simply an experienced goof who doesn't know how to change it. (likely the second one, and if that's the case feel free to tell me how)

2. Some graphics mods that change the windspeed do not play well with the rescaled cedar trees and the leaves appear to move away from the branches and trunk. I can't fix this, vanilla and VisualV timecycles appear fine however, I only ran into this issue with Natural Vision Remastered.

3. While the trees will switch to lower quality textures the farther away you are, they do not have proper lod models for very far away like the regular trees. The current lod distance is 6000 (some smaller trees that don't matter are lower) to ensure they are seen at all times and do not turn invisible after a certain distance. While it runs fine on my machine performance drops are unavoidable for lower end systems until lods can be properly done. There is a separate low draw distance version to adress this.
4. Some trees may not be in the ground all the way due to sleep deprivation.

Version 1.1:

+ Added a bunch of new trees behind mount Gordo (Redwood, ceders, fallen over redwoods)
+ Added a few trees in front of Mount Chilliad and one fallen over into the lake
+ Added larger cedar trees to Paleto Forest (more changes planned soon)
+ Added more Cedar trees and a few redwoods to Raton Canyon (there's one fallen over suspended over the creek - expeirmenting with this one)
+ Fixed some floating trees

Version 1.2:

+Added a bunch of redwoods to the mountain next to Lagoon Zancudo, Paleto Forest, and the area behind the prison
+More trees in Raton Canyon
* Fixed some phantom ghost trees that didn't have their lod distance set correctly

Version 1.3:

* Some trees have learned to better hold themselves up
* Adjusted some trees so they don't clip into trees from Forests of Chilliad (It's still not perfect)
+ Added more trees next to the creek near Lago Zancodo
+ Added more trees in Raton Canyon
+ Random adjusts to some trees

Version 1.4:

* Many trees have been replaced with a different type, notably cedar trees
* Fixed some ghost trees and trees sticking out of the ground
* Moved/rotated various trees
+ Added low draw distance version for better performance on lower end machines
+ Added more trees near Paleto Bay and Raton Canyon
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