Aircraft Carrier [Menyoo]

Aircraft Carrier [Menyoo]

Aircraft Carrier [Menyoo] Review
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Update 1.8

Total Entities Spawned:650/Objects Spawned:483/Peds Spawned:133/Vehicles Spawned:34/Fixed Bugs/Added New Animation

Update 1.7

Total Entities Spawned:496/Objects Spawned:344/Peds Spawned:128/Vehicles Spawned:24/Fixed Bugs/Removed Objects unnecessary

Update 1.6

Total Entities Spawned:830/Objects Spawned:630/Peds Spawned:130/Vehicles Spawned:42/Adden New Animations

Update 1.5

Total Entities Spawned:726/Objects Spawned:560/Peds Spawned:124/Vehicles Spawned:42/Adden New Animations

Update 1.4

Fixed The Bugs,Adden Objects,Vehicles and Peds/Adden animations

Update 1.3

Adden Peds/Adden Objects And Fixed bugs

Update 1.2

Added New Objecst, Peds and vehicles And Fixed Bugs

Update 1.1

Added New Objecst, Peds and vehicles

Description: it is an aircraft carrier, the most beautiful and majestic in all of Los Santos and you will be the captain if you download this beautiful map


Video tutorial:

extract the RAR file, copy the xml file into the spooner file in game menyooStuff. in the game. press.F8 enter into object spooner, manage saves files and press Aircraft Carrier. good play :)
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