Airport Drag Community Project

Airport Drag Community Project

Airport Drag Community Project Review
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Outside the michaels hangar is the 1/4 mile type drag race track, with crowd, food stands, and everything you name, its there
The tracks has lights at the start and at the and, and as you can see it better in screeshots, it really looks like a Drag racing organized place, from start to end.
Its also playable at night as you can see in the video.

To install this mod you need Map Editor 1.1 by Guadmaz, or newer version:

For drag race actually to work, i used Impromptu races mod by Eddlm:

To install the mod, you must have Map Editor installed, then, you put the DragRace.xml (and LongTrack.xml, since update) file in your GTA V directory, folder where your gtav.exe is
When you are actually in the game, open Map Editor with F7 and choose
Load Map, then type - DragRace - or -LongTrack- (with no - ), you should then get the loading screen and WAIT, it may take it a minute to load all the components, after that, you are good to go and to use your new drag race track

Update 1.5
- Added a longer track (about 1/6 mile long) you can activate by typing LongTrack in the Load Map bar (it has around 800 props so it may cause fps drop if you have low spec pc, also rockstar editor might not work well with it)

-Improved a lot of stuff, now at the start nothing separates 2 lanes as it was problem to place AI in the correct position, just go to the line and race

-Added animations to almost all peds (some anim. wont spawn every time, nothing i can do)

-In video its 1.0 version, if someone has time to make a video feel free to do so
-If you have really low spec pc,or gpu, LongTrack will result in a fps drop as loaded (it may also result a crash if you try to save a clip while using it)

Thanks to Guadmaz and Eddlm for making both of theese mods, great work guys !!
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