Airport Drift Gymkhana Map

Airport Drift Gymkhana Map

Airport Drift Gymkhana Map Review
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A custom gymkhana map for drifting at the Los Santos International Airport. This map was made by me for my 'Airport Drift Montage' on YouTube. Due to a few requests, I have decided to upload the map on this website for others to download and drift.

Watch my video to see me destroy this map:

This map features the following:
- Planes to drift around and under
- Ramps to do stunts (spins and rolls) and transfer into drifts
- Tight corners to drift
- Traffic cones to hit while drifting
- Tire walls to drift close to
- A Ballas gang drug meet in a hangar
- Pedestrians to mess with

1. Install the Map Editor by Guadmaz. Make sure it is the latest version and is working properly in-game. Download the Map Editor by following the installation instructions here.

2. Once you have installed the Map Editor by Guadmaz, you want to place my map file which is a XML document called 'Drift' into your game directory.

3. Go into the game and open the Map Editor.

4. Go to 'Load Map' in the Map Editor menu and type in 'Drift' to load my map. Loading the map will take a few seconds so do not worry if you freeze when it says 'Loading..' because it takes time to load all the props, pedestrians and vehicles.

1. When loading the map, the huge jets spawn a few meters in the air and fall to the ground. Sometimes they blow up when they land. If that happens, simply delete the map by going to 'New Map' in the Map Editor menu and load the map again by repeating step 4 in the installation instructions.

2. Make sure that you only load the map once because Map Editor stacks maps. If you load this map more than once, every prop, vehicle, and pedestrian will duplicate in the same spot.

3. When I made my video, this map was made in different parts because my game crashed every time I had over 200+ props loaded. This is due to the 'ScriptHookV.dll' file not being fully up to date. Make sure you have the latest Script Hook V file in your game directory so you do not crash while loading the map. You can download the latest Script Hook V here.

Recommended Mods:
This map was made to be used with other mods! I used multiple mods to create my video. You can find all those mods below and download them. You do not have to use the same car as me but I highly recommend the drift handling mod that I used which was made by RUNitsAlpha. I changed a few of his values around in the handling to my preference.

Mods used in the video:
- Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86
- Drift Handling
- Map Editor
- JDM License Plate Pack
- Turbo Sound
- The Stig Outfit
- Enhanced Native Trainer
- Simple Trainer
- Free Camera
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