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Airport Improvement

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I'm back and at it again! You might know, but Los Santos International Airport is pretty bad looking. I decided to make it look good. You will notice many changes to the pedestrian part of the airport including parking, terminals, ui, and much more.
Here is what I have planned for the future:
-Better UI
-More Planes That You Can Fly
-More Realistic Parking
-More Realism :)

- Download

-Read the readme to make sure all necessary files are installed and an important note for users!!

-It includes any files you need

-Choose your Game Version

- Open the .exe and Make Sure your Game Directory is Correct!


-Enter the Game and Enjoy!

0.1: Alpha Release
0.2: -Fixed an Issue Where Peds Would Randomly Spawn in the Street
-Fixed an Issue where Some Barriers you could Spawn though
0.2b- More 777 Planes Added!
0.3: -Fixed a major bug not letting the mod load.
-The Parking Garage 1 was remodeled
-More Planes have been added
-More Realistic Tarmac ( Where the Planes are Parked)
- The Installation is now an .exe to make everything easier to use
0.4PA: -New Install Software to prevent ReUploads
-Stability fixes
-Preparations for Next Big Update
-Map Editor Version Upgrade 2.13

**PLEASE NOTE: This version is in an early stage and there may be bugs. Please report any in the comments section below!**
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