Airport Toll Booth Checkpoint (Menyoo)

Airport Toll Booth Checkpoint (Menyoo)

Airport Toll Booth Checkpoint (Menyoo) Review
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* In order to use this mod, you must have the Menyoo Mod Menu ( and the Spooner part installed in your game.*

Different versions -
V1.0 - no cars, less detail
V1.1 - vehicles and more people
V1.2 - more accurate prop placement

Changelog -

Changes from V1.1
- Fixed an issue with the traffic light TriggerFX
- Fixed an issue causing game to crash
- Fixed an issue causing vehicles to spawn on top of player or security huts
- All clipping and off-placement should now be fixed
- New Security Cameras have been added from the After Hours DLC
- Fixed an issue with the Player Camera being underneath the overpass
- The prop amount was raised from 77 to 108
- Added a number "1" to the area in celebration of the mod turning 1 years old (will be removed on March 6th)

Changes from V1.0
- Added 6 new vehicles
- Peds added to vehicles for better roleplay
- New traffic light with working red light
- 2 other props added (Security camera and streetlight)
- Fixed some minor bugs

- In your GTA V main directory find the folder named "Menyoo Stuff"
- Inside the Menyoo Stuff folder find the folder "Spooner"
- Drag the file provided (Airport Toll Booth V1.1) inside that folder
- Enjoy!
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