Alamo Raceway (Cunning Stunts)

Alamo Raceway (Cunning Stunts)

Alamo Raceway (Cunning Stunts) Review
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I built another racetrack with the cunning stunts dlc parts.
It is located at the Alamo Sea near Sandy Shores and contains several different configurations.

I still want to add some more details like grandstands and stuff later.

If you use the simple trainer for GTAV, make sure to increase the engine power! Otherwise it will be to easy and to slow :p

The downloadable file contains the xml. file for the raceway as well as the updated object.ini with the new dlc parts.
I order to install this map, put the xml file in the GTAV folder and select it ingame via map editor.

Required mods to run this map:
Map Editor by Guadmaz and all mods required for the Map Editor (Scripthook etc.)

It would be nice from you when you link this mod or mention me when using this map in a video or something :)

I am also thinking about rebuilding real life racetracks, so if you have any favourite real life racetrack you would like to see in GTAV, write it in the comments ;)
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