Apocalyptic Street [The Division]

Apocalyptic Street [The Division]

Apocalyptic Street [The Division] Review
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I made this map with the intention that resembled the streets of the game The Division,also it has a shootout at the end of the street.
I wanted to achieve a street full of details but my PC did not explode tube to stop until it will go as I started to hit slumps FPS, but anyway I stay as wanted me to stay from the beginning

1_ Place the ".xml" file in the game folder
2_ Open the game, Press F7, Go to "Load map"
3_ Write "TD".

He did not intend to launch more updates of the map. But notice that I had a good reception by the community I could not resist
Needless to say, to enjoy some mod this map it is necessary to remove the traffic and to place the time at 6:00 and put the time in snow, but the latter can be done with the Script Hook V

Mods needed:
Script Hook V (obviously)
Map Editor by Guadmaz

------------ 1.1 ------------
Expansion through the tunnel and aggregates gang members there
------------ 1.0 ------------
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