Area 53 - Hidden East Coast Airbase

Area 53 - Hidden East Coast Airbase

Area 53 - Hidden East Coast Airbase Review
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A simple map mod I made over the course of a week. 800+ Props!
Plenty of fixes to be made and added content (Fixed Runway Length)

- Plane Spawns
- Helicopter Spawns
- NPC Guards & Guns
- Secret Bunker & Storage
- NPC Road Blocks
- Many Trees Planted Near Base For Hidden Features
- Relevant Props (Anti Aircraft Cannons etc.)
- 800+ PROPS

Step 1 - Download My Map Mod
Step 2 - Place The Map XML In GTA V Directory
Step 3 - Use Simple Trainer or Map Editor To Load Custom Map (XML Map)
Step 4 - Enter In The XML Map Name: AREA53
Step 5 - Enjoy

What Makes This Map AREA 53?
Nothing, it's just a name I gave it to make a reference to San Andreas, which also had the base located in the desert region of Las Venturas.

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