Arena Fighting (Minigame)

Arena Fighting (Minigame)

Arena Fighting (Minigame) Review
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This is technically a map mod, but it's supposed to be used as a minigame. So in this "minigame" you are put into an "arena" (it's actually a soccer field) and you have to fight Ballas and try not to die. They don't respawn, so you have to load the map again if you want them to respawn. You'll have to shoot a gun for them to notice you and start attacking. Almost everything in the "arena" is dynamic and/or breakable. Watch the video to understand better what the mod does.

You have 4 modes:
- Easy mode - 10 enemies with pistols
- Medium mode - 10 enemies with varied weapons (assault rifles, shotguns, etc.)
- Hard mode - 20 enemies with pistols
- Extreme mode - 20 enemies with varied weapons (assault rifles, shotguns, etc.)

- Install Latest ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet;
- Install the newest version of Map Editor from Guadmaz:
-Put my XML file in GTA 5 main directory;
-In-game, press F7 and then "load maps";
-From there just type in the name of the map you want to load.
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