Atlantis - San Andreas underwater military depot

Atlantis - San Andreas underwater military depot

Atlantis - San Andreas underwater military depot Review
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This mod will add a large military depot "under water".
It is deep and there is many levels before reaching the bottom.
To make it possible to run on most PC I did not add too many props.
-- In fact, there is 1462 props, 50 vehicles, 71 peds but since it's huge you won't face a big frame drop, mid rig can run it without any problems. In a simple phrase: props density is not high. --


- Map Editor by Guadmaz.
- OpenIV:


- Two files are included in the archive. Atlantis with ped, and without ped.
Place the desired one in your GTA5 main folder and use the Map Loader
to load it. (F7-load map-atlantis)

- Run OpenIV and go to edit mode, Navigate to common.rpf/data/level/gta5
BACKUP water.xml in case something went wrong. And then
replace it with the one included in the archive.

NOTE: You can skip second step of the installation but you won't
be able to drive and walk in Atlantis. You will have to swim under the ocean to explore it!

Known issue
If you put the map on autoload, or load it when you're far from the location some props won't load. If you face this problem, please be sure to be as close as you can and then load it manually.

Final words
- Check screenshots for location.
- Check the video I've uploaded to see the mod (better than pic) (about 9min)
- If you make any video please at least give me credit by putting the original
mod url @

Thanks! If you face any problem or have any suggestion let me know.
Have fun!
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