ATOL on the Alamo Sea (WaterWorld Concept) [Menyoo]

ATOL on the Alamo Sea (WaterWorld Concept) [Menyoo]

ATOL on the Alamo Sea (WaterWorld Concept) [Menyoo] Review
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Atoll on the Alamo Sea is an idea inspired by the movie 'Waterworld'. It is not an exact replica to the one seen in the movie but is influenced by it.
This is an apocalyptic type village on the water with limited resources after a natural disaster scenario. The first 20 minutes of the movie 'Waterworld' will catch you up to speed on the whole concept of this.
I planned on this map being a much smaller scale but it got out of control quickly, I could easily keep adding and expanding to the Atoll but i tried to keep the amount of objects somewhat reasonable.

You do not need any extra installs for this map, just Menyoo and ScripthookV.
Menyoo -
ScriptHookV -

To Install:

Put the 'Atoll' file into your Gta5 directory/menyoostuff/spooner.
Load into storymode, open up Menyoo/ Object Spooner/ manage saved files/ Atoll / Load placements.

Some of the outer barges become transparent at certain distances. I thought about skinning the inside walls with some of the scrap metal objects to cover up the transparency but that might take way too many objects and really hit the fps hard. I might swap out the outer walls with custom made scrap metal objects in an update someday. The see-thru walls bugs me.

Feel free to comment or like if you enjoyed this concept.
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