Autocross Course Map [Menyoo]

Autocross Course Map [Menyoo]

Autocross Course Map [Menyoo] Review
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Note: You need the up to date Menyoo trainer by MAFINS to use these maps. Download it here

This is my first map mod and I have had to do it using the spooner on the menyoo trainer as I can't use the map editor because I can't get ScriptHook.NET to work. It includes a day and night version of the course. The night version has a lot of street lights on it which can make the game lag slightly when going through the tunnel due to the number of props. This and the front bumper of certain cars such as the Zentorno getting flipped because the front bumper catches on the sand bridge are the only problems I have had with it but if you have any others, let me know and I will try to fix them.

Also I would recommend installing a realistic/higher top speed mod as it gives the track a better, more confined feel than with the standard cars in the game. Download my speed mod at

Installation instructions in Read Me.
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