Avery's Huge Town

Avery's Huge Town

Avery's Huge Town Review
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So after a few big named YouTubers (DatSaintsFan & Elanip) did a review on my first town map mod I decided to expand. I have added some pretty cool Ideas and have more to come. I'm shocked it didn't crash while I made it but I have exceeded the car limit so sorry if you can't spawn a custom car. You can probably grab it out of the Auto shop. I hope you guys enjoyed. Any suggestions on what to make please message me.

ALL images displayed are just from v2.1 additions. If you want to see full map, feel free to check my video.

Props: 1550
Vehicles: 65
Peds: 118

NEW In v2.1
Medical Marijuana Dispenser
Pet Store
Preset Houses
Street Performers
Celebrity Cruise

What's in the town?:
Realtor Office
Gas Station
Police Station
Life Invader Burnt down building (on fire)
Convenient Store
Exotic Car Dealership

- Added two gangs, The Lost & The Ballas. They have teamed companions so they can rival against each other or even you or the police.
- Added fire trucks to a burnt down life invader building.
- Robbed FLEECA bank which cops are reviewing after the scene
- Possible drift track
- Stunt jump by the bank. It is possible to have a fast vehicle and jump from my island to the beach.
- I made the island low enough to the water to the point where during stormy weather there are FLASH FLOODS

1.) Script hook V + Native instructor v1.0.463.1: https://pt.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v

2.) Map Editor 2.1 USE EXPANDED OBJECT LIST: https://pt.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor

3.) Open Map Editor and (Load Map) > Avery's HUGE Town v2.1

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