Avery's Luxury Lake House with Drawbridge

Avery's Luxury Lake House with Drawbridge

Avery's Luxury Lake House with Drawbridge Review
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I will definitely be updating this map mod I just ran out of things to added shockingly. But it's a pretty nice house, I did do different floor plans and also more duplicate rooms. So I have done the drawbridge in GTA IV but this is how you work it otherwise you won't be able to get to
the house. The entrance is a little rough but I added it well.
NOTE: You may need to clear the map then load it again for everything to spawn.

What's In The Update?
New Script feature-
Go next to the bed and Press "E" and you can go to sleep and save your game
Also now you can easily get out of the pool with a marker
More to come...
Thanks to jedijosh920
Props: 1734
Vehicles: 7

Rooms & Features:
4 garages
Hallway w/glass floor
Living Room
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Storage Room

Instructions for drawbridge Show in video.
Step 1.) Go into Map Editor
Step 2.) You can see the gates laters foot and now press so you see it or go to current objects
Step 3.) Copy it and check off Dynamic tick box
Step 4.) Pull up to the edge of the box and you will drive across it

1.) Script hook V + Native instructor v1.0.463.1: https://pt.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v

2.) Map Editor 2.1 USE EXPANDED OBJECT LIST: https://pt.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor

3.) Open Map Editor and (Load Map) > Avery's Luxury Lake House

If you need help just contact me.
Skype: deviantamazed
Twitter: deviantamazed
YouTube: Avxry
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