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Ballas Gang Map

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Have you ever wanted a good RolePlay map for GTA 5?Now you have found it,Ballas Gang Map is perfect for RolePlay-ing in GTA 5.You can see a lot more gang members,more low riders,dogs,weed,guns,drugs...You can see the homies chillin in the streets,smoking,partying,drinking,playing American Football,Basketball,dealing or something else.I've tryed to make it as much realistic.With every update i'm adding something new.

This map may crash for lower PC,you can fix it just with setting lower graphic settings.There is over 150 Peds, 130 Cars, 650 Objects,this is why it crashing,so sorry.

How to install:
Install ScriptHookV & ScriptHookV.NET & Map Editor
When in the game open MapEditor(F7)
Press Load Map>XML>then type ballagangv1.2
Wait a few seconds untill it gets loaded
Enjoy :)

Whats new in V1.2?
- Fixed bugs & gliches.
- Added weed storage covered with blue roof.
- Added Ballas OG , dealing with guns covered with blue roof.
- Added Street Skate Park.
- Added Street Basketball in one of back yards.
- Added Guards for weed & gun storages.
- Edited fornt and back yards.

This map can be mixed with pair of other SCRIPTS, like Drug Traffick,Gang Mod,Gang War,Arms Trending,Life is not easy and others.

Change log:
-V1.0 - First uploaded
-V1.1 - American Footbal,Car Show Race,More lights,Fixed bugs & gliches,more gang members
-V1.2 -(Newest)

For lower PC's GTA V may crash somethimes,because of map size.Also , please do not re-upload it without my agree.Thanks.
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