Bar & Beachhouses [MapEditor]

Bar & Beachhouses [MapEditor]

Bar & Beachhouses [MapEditor] Review
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This Map Mod gives you some beachhouses south of the map [near the harbour district]. It took me many hours to make it. You get a cosy beachbar and two slummy (but cool) wooden and blue beachhouses. A nice feature is that you can break alot of things but don't break the wooden floor otherwise you see all the objects float. I hope you like it, there is enough more to explore.

Latest version of Map Editor
[read the requirements of this mod to get it working]

Get also the Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1 to get more objects.
If you use Menyoo you don't need this.

Then create in scripts a new folder called Autoloadmaps, put here your map and your xml map will load automaticly. You can also load mapfiles manual by putting your map files in the base directory, press [F7] to enter Map Editor, go to load map and type "beach"

Changes 1.1

There is a new blue wooden beachhouse on the map, it has a back garden too. I added a pier in front of the wooden beach house. The bar has now neon signs, more scenery and other details. At the end of the beach you will see also more changes.

Changes 1.2

I fixed some bugs on the map, fixed some z fighting with the floor of the blue beachouse, fixed some heights of objects with the height tool..

Extra Information:

Uhm, if you want chickens in the backgarden with the chickenrun just open map editor and go to option "place a ped" and search for "Hen". I could not add them, because they stick under the ground when you load the map, so don't save it when you have hens in the garden:),they disappear.

I found a bug with map editor if you enter more then 200 peds, then your map mod will cause some F* errors. So keep for good map-making your peds below 199 otherwise everything will not load normal with autoload maps?

Note; If you use mrchazta "Smart Fuel Mod" and you getting on a boat then sometimes his mod starts to flash, you can simple fix this to enter a land vehicle first and then go for a water vehicle. Then the smart fuel mod returns normal again.

Ymap version can be found here;
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