Barricaded Life Invader Office

Barricaded Life Invader Office

Barricaded Life Invader Office Review
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You need both Map Editor and Open All interiors to use this map mod.
Get map editor here:
Get open all interiors here:

In hopes of surviving the "zombie apocalypse" four soldiers have fortified the upstairs of the Life Invader building using vending machines to block the stairs. Depending on which zombie mod you use the soldiers may or may not be infected/hostile. If they are alive then use a trainer to recruit them as bodyguards to help you fight the zombies, otherwise they may not help. There's evidence that both floors were protected at some point but an out of control ambulance crashed into the front door compromising the first floor and prompting the soldiers to barricade the stairs.

To install you place lfi.xml or lfi2.xml in your GTAV folder and load the map in game with map editor. LFI2 is a version without the four soldiers.
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