Beach-Island Airport [MapEditor]

Beach-Island Airport [MapEditor]

Beach-Island Airport [MapEditor] Review
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I am sorry that my English is so bad.

I tried making Beach-Island Airport.

Initially, this airport was manufactured as an airport connecting to "Dhrpy-Canadian's" Ghost Peak Mountain ".

This time, we made it as "Beach-Island Airport" newly.

It is possible to enter the airport terminal.

We also made the VIP room on the roof of the airport hanger.

・I also enclose XML of Ghost Peak Mountain version.

In case of using XML of Ghost Peak Mountain version, "Dhrpy-Canadian's"Ghost Peak Mountain "It is necessary to introduce.



Map Builder IV:
Map Editor:
Unlock all objects:
Custom Props Add-On[BETA 3]:

Copy BeachIslandAP.xml to your GTA V Folder
In game , press F7 > LoadMap > Type "BeachIslandAP"
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