Beautiful Chiliad road lights! v1.0

Beautiful Chiliad road lights! v1.0

Beautiful Chiliad road lights! v1.0 Review
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So i have a created a small map editor mod.Its a gas station located near Mount Chiliad.
This map mod contains beautiful yellow street lights and some ramps and cars near the gas station as shown in the screenshots above.

How to load the file :-

1.) Download the zip and extract the .XML files in the GTA 5 directory. ( \Grand Theft Auto V\ )

2.) Make sure you have Map editor installed. link :

3.) Open map editor by pressing F7 and go to >> settings >>Draw distance >> change default to >>(3000)

4.) Stand near the gas Station as shown in the map and load the map by pressing F7 >>Load map>>File chooser>>chiliadlights or chiliadlights_laf (for La Ferrari)

Note: There are two XML files.. chiliadlights.xml is without the two LA Ferrari as shown in the screenshot.

For best effect put your whether to foggy and time to 00:00

You can edit and modify as you want but you are not allowed to upload without my permission.!

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