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Some upgrade of the forest in GTA V.

NEED: Map Editor !



- Little "Hippie" House in Cassidy Creek.


- Tourist spot added (Near Hunting location)
- Little "beach - life " near Hippie House


- Spot with ships added
- Street enhancement (Near boat location)
- Some Bugfixes

Installation :

1. Install Map Editor

2. Autoload or manually?

3. Auto :

3.1 Create a folder called "AutoloadMaps" in "Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\
3.2 Place the "Forest.xml" into that folder. ("Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/AutoloadMaps")

4. Manually:

4.1 Place the data "Forest.xml"into Grand Theft Auto V folder.
4.2 Open Map editor ingame.
4.3 Load XML -> then type Forest.xml -> Game should say "loading"

5. Enjoy.

made by PlayMave
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