Better WeazelNews [Menyoo] v1.0

Better WeazelNews [Menyoo] v1.0

Better WeazelNews [Menyoo] v1.0 Review
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Welcome to Better WeazelNews v0.0.2!

**How to Install:
Go to your main GTAV directory and look for the "menyooStuff" folder, then look for the "Spooner" file. After that, place the included XML file there! You should be good to go after that, launch GTAV and load the map!

~Questions you may have~

Why did you make this map?~
Answer: I made this map for an RP server that I am in. As a buisness owner for Weazel News in this RP server, I wanted to get an upgrade to the studios. Thanks to Menyoo, I am able to do this!

What does this map add on?~
Answer: This map adds on multiple CCTV cameras around the Weazel News studios in Los Santos. It also adds some benches in the back side and more lighting. As well as some signs around Weazel News, some Gruppe6 signs, some "No Trespassing" signs, some "No Standing" signs, and other signs.

Are there any issues with this map?~
Answer: There are no known issues with this map currently.

All credit goes to me(DarKKlusteR) and Menyoo.

~Special Thanks~
Special thanks to the people of PCRP on FiveM for inspiring me to create this map!

~What's new in v0.0.2~

~ Added more objects to Weazel News such as news vans, security guards with idle animations, more benches, and more lighting.
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