Blaine County Heist [Map Editor][XML]

Blaine County Heist [Map Editor][XML]

Blaine County Heist [Map Editor][XML] Review
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For this map, you will need Map Editor mod.
Map Editor mod.

And Open All Interiors mod.
Open All Interiors mod.

I've put my ObjectList into folder to load all items that I've create in XML map.If you want to use it, put ObjectList into scripts folder.


In Blaine County bank will be terrorists who will already rob the bank.
They will shoot at you as soon as they see you.
Inside will be money bags that you can take.
You can destroy Stockade vehicles and get money.

1. Extract .zip
2. Install Map Editor mod
3. Install Open All Interiors mod
4. Put "BlaineCountyHeist" into GTA5 main folder. (Place where GTA5.exe is)
5. Put "ObjectList" into scripts folder. (If you already have all items, no need for replacing)
6. Start story mode
7. Press F7 (If you didn't change it)
8. Go to Load Map and type BlaineCountyHeist

That's it , enjoy


Other mods that I used in game. They are not important to play on this map

Payday 2 Dallas mask

Payday 2 SCAR H MK weapon

Improvements in Gore - blood mod
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Included vehicle categories

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