Blaine County International Airport (KBCN) [Map Editor]

Blaine County International Airport (KBCN) [Map Editor]

Blaine County International Airport (KBCN) [Map Editor] Review
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Notice: You need Custom Props Add-On [Beta 3] by Shaezbreizh, Mixtro, Dekurwinator and the object list from it to get this to work.

After the Blaine County Scenery Improvement Project was launched, the Committee of Citizen Well-being decided to transform the former Sandy Shores Airfield into the Blaine County National Airport. The airport is fitted with 2 Terminals, lit runways, and a fully functional ATC Tower. BCN is able to support light to medium class aircraft, such as the Boeing 757 and Airbus A320. Unfortunately, due to the airfield's location, a new runway cannot be built for heavy and super class aircraft, like the Boeing 747. The Committee is currently looking for outside input to see if a new runway would be supported by the public. They have also looked for support from the Los Santos County Government, but no terms have since been discussed.

Out of Character:
After the success of my Blaine County Scenery Improvement Project, I decided to revitalize the Sandy Shores Airfield. It has 2 terminals, lit runways, and an ATC Tower in between the runways. The small "3rd" runway has been eliminated and transformed into Terminal 2. BCN can support two to three aircraft at a time, depending on class. At the end of the runways there are lights to guide you in.

Go to your GTA V Directory and drop the SSIA.XML file there.

I do appreciate your input. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions, please put them in the comment section of the mod. Thanks!
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