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I haven't found a realistic BMX Trials Track yet, so i decided to make one by myself.

This Map Editor BMX Track will drive you crazy. It contains 9 obstacles. Every obstacle is unique and hard, but very entertaining. You will have to try very hard to manage at least one of them.
The goal is to push down the cone in the end of every obstacle with your bmx!

For an overview, please see the first video.
I deliberatly haven't published a video explaining how you can manage the challenges. I want you to find out by yourselves.

Everyone who succeed in an obstacle can share a video of his run please!
BMX Mods aren't allowed. I will see if you if you use one.

If someone manages all nine obstacles (with video), he can entitle himself as "the best GTA 5 BMX Pro in the world"!

I made the obstacle 8 a little bit easier.


1. Please use "Map Editor" from Guadmaz.
2. Install also "Object Spawn Unlocker" from GTAMultiplayer Team for an extended object list. (I'm not sure if you need this, but it's safer).
3. Place the file in my Zip Folder into the GTA5 root folder.
4. Ingame press F7 and load Map. Type "BmxTrials1_1".
5. You will find the trial track on the Grand Senora Airfield.
6. Have fun and and nerves of steel!

Thanks for reading!
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