Bridge Toll Gate(With Middle

Bridge Toll Gate(With Middle

Bridge Toll Gate(With Middle Review
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Hey Guys, I got another one. Apparently a lot of people wanted a toll gate, so I made one heading onto the bridge that goes to Los Santos City in El Burro Heights.

This Toll Gate took a really long time to make simply because of the AI. I had to rearrange so many things in order to make it so the AI could pass through without crashing; ie; the crash barriers are somewhat crooked because if not the AI would go into other lanes or crash constantly. Everything done, even down to small alignments was made/adjusted to support AI needs (even if it looks a tad strange).It isn't perfect. There are still some that crash into the barriers randomly. Anyway, it is equipped with traffic officers, police officers, life-like toll barriers, added cameras and added light source. The two middle lanes are "E-Z Pass". In the future I will add more to it or even expand on it if you would like. Sorry about the red and yellow blips on the map.I keep forgetting to move those off the screen when I do a screenshot... Hope you guys like it...

To do:
-Figure out a way to get the peds to stop at the toll booths.
-Some other things.

How to Install:

Place Bridge Toll Gate.xml file in your main directory
In game, open the Map Editor, select Load map, select XML and type in Bridge Toll Gate. Then press Enter. Put .xml file in /scripts/autoloadmaps for automatic loading.

This mod requires:

Do not re-upload this mod without my permission
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