Bugged Update Pending 1928 BAR Browning Automatic Rifle [Non-Animated]

Bugged Update Pending 1928 BAR Browning Automatic Rifle [Non-Animated]

Bugged Update Pending 1928 BAR Browning Automatic Rifle [Non-Animated] Review
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Unfortunately the mag is not separate from this model so the mod comes with invisible mags. May update in the future.

The 1918/1928 Browning Automatic Rifles were cutting edge developments in machinegun technology credited as a highly advanced and futuristic design for the time. Removable magazines and the ability to be carried by only one man with no need for a mount or support of any kind made this weapon stand out among all other light machine guns. Essentially it was one of the first machine guns that one soldier could carry, fire and reload all by himself, making the BAR and those who wielded it unmatched in firepower until other similar weapons were developed.
Thanks to the detachable box magazines and the pistol grip (1928 model only) the BAR vaguely resembles a modern assault rifle and next to the STG44 is partially responsible for the inspiration and development of the modern assault rifle as we know it today.
Model is from the game Enemy Front.

M1 Garand and a 1903 Springfield to go with it:

Installation instructions are included in the readme.
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