C1 Loop Line [Community Races]

C1 Loop Line [Community Races]

C1 Loop Line [Community Races] Review
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WARNING: This is not an actual C1 Loop Line from Japan. It's just a race that consists a looping highway.
After the final decisive race of the Wangan's fastest, Tatsuya retired his beloved car and disappeared on the Wangan. A few years later, Tatsuya, Reina, Yoshiaki and Eiji all meet up on Los Santos to race for the fastest on the LS highways... But someone's missing...
Vehicles available in this race: Pfister Comet Retro Custom, Annis Elegy Retro Custom, Grotti Turismo Classic, Karin Sultan RS.

Location: Somewhere near the highway entrance, because I forgot where and this is my first uploaded project.

1. Extract "C1 Loop Line.xml"
2. Put "C1 Loop Line.xml" into yourgta5rootfolder/scripts/Races
3. Once in game, find the race trigger from somewhere near one of the highway entrance.

-Grand Theft Auto 5 (duh)
-Game Version 1.0.1011.1 (1.38) and above
-Community Races by Guadmaz
-Map Editor by Guadmaz (Optional)
-Updated Object List For Map Editor by Ferret_3 (Optional)
-Updated Vehicle List For Map Editor by Ferret_3 (Optional)

If you have any crash/not working-related issues, try to download and install the mods that are listed as "Optional", and make sure to install the required scripts for these respective mods. If it still doesn't work... Comment It.

I noticed that there is a hole in the barrier on one of those ramps, if the AI cars or your car would fall though, comment about it aswell.
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