Charity Car Auction

Charity Car Auction

Charity Car Auction Review
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The manufacturers of the cars decided to donate one car each for a auction that is taking place at the airport to help raise money for charity. There are a lot of high ranking families and individuals so the security is tight.

*Props:* 34
*Vehicles:* 44
*Peds:* 118

*Future plans:*
1. Night light the place
2. More peds
3. More cars
4. Add more life to the place as a whole
*5. Make a version where the Ballas steal the cars*

Installation guide:
Move the .xml file to root folder were GTAVLauncher is

4/9/2016: We hit 50 downloads!
4/9/2016: We hit 100 downloads!
4/10/2016: We hit 150 downloads!
4/10/2016: We hit 200 downloads!
4/17/2016: We hit 300 downloads!
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