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update: added .ymap version

I made my very first Map Mod (Building) for everyone to play with.

You're allowed to import it intro Five M for Role play use, or create a review on youtube perhaps if it's good enough!

Or use it for single-player where it was created.

You're not allowed to re-upload it or edit it and take credits for it, without asking at least first.

I spend a good day on creating this building.


Map Editor (Recommended) -
Object Spawn Unlocker (Not Required) -
ScriptHookV -
scripthookV NET -

Copy Garage.xml file from the .zip to the root folder of the game, or to the Auto load Map folder that is in the scripts folder.

1 - Extract the downloaded file.
2 - Copy garage.xml to the root folder of Gta 5.
3 - Open map editor in game usually by pressing f7 or R3 + LB (controller)
4 - Click on load a map.
5 - Pick the file location.
6 - Search for the map name (garage) and load it in-game. (depends on your pc on loading time should be less then 17 sec.)

Directions&more: (included in download)

By Creative Games & Rock star Games
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