Cityhall interior

Cityhall interior

Cityhall interior Review
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*If you use it for a roleplay server, don’t forget to make a teleport point from the outside to the interior!


Mapping by: DiegoChinedu (Tobi)
Screenshots by: DiegoChinedu (Tobi)

How to install the map
1. Download any Map Editor you want
2. Open your GTA V folder
3. Copy the ymap file into your root folder
4. Start GTA V (with Map Editor)
5. Press F7 and click "Load Map"
6. Type in the box "CityHall" to load the Map
7. Have fun!

(If you change the name of the .xml or from the .ymap you have to change the name in the box!)

You have both files .xml and .ymap to disposal!
In the screenshots folder you find some screenshots from the map.

No flickering objects, no known bugs!

The map + the interior have round about 500-600 props. NO NPCs or Vehicles!
= If you have a idea for a map, feel free to tell me :)

Used Mods
+ Map Editor
+ Menyoo
+ Updatet Objectlist


  • + Trees & plants
    + Fences
    + Interior (Lobby, workerroom and a toilet)
    + Some lights
    + American flags
    + Download and see ;)

  • = The map contains a interior and a outside map with plants, flags and lights.

    No idea to use?
    I prefer to use it for a roleplay server everything else dont make sense for me.
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