Civil Border Patrol Compound [FiveM/Menyoo]

Civil Border Patrol Compound [FiveM/Menyoo]

Civil Border Patrol Compound [FiveM/Menyoo] Review
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Hey everybody! I own a FiveM role-play server, Justice Community Roleplay, which has members who take part in very in-depth and persistent role plays, one of them being the Civil Border Patrol. I thought it would be cool to add props to the compound and make it feel like more of a cult, so this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy :)

The Civil Border Patrol are a civilian-formed paramilitary-like group that operates in Blaine County and aims to "protect" America from "dangerous" illegal immigrants. The group consists exclusively of two members: Joe, a paranoid southern man who despises immigrants, and Joe's best friend, Josef, a cold, violent Russian immigrant who speaks barely any English.

The group makes weekly trips across Blaine County to find, capture and report people of Mexican heritage, most of whom appear to be legal citizens of the United States and thus cannot be deported, though this does not deter Joe and Josef from trying. The CBP almost exclusively uses tasers as their weapons, intending to capture illegal immigrants alive since - as Joe puts it - the Civil Border Patrol are "civilized people".

The CBP's main transport for their operatives is the Park Ranger.

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