Closed doors in Franklin's home

Closed doors in Franklin's home

Closed doors in Franklin's home Review
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Lester gave you a house ... a house with closed doors.
You have not asked any questions. Lester has never spoken.

If he did not tell you anything, there must be a reason.
If Lester came to know that you open those doors and touched his things, surely destroy you, Lester would make you disappear from the face of the earth, no one would know anything about you, in a hundred years someone find your corpse unrecognizable in place longer unthinkable, in a moment you lose everything that you have painstakingly earned.
But the temptation is very strong ...

only a first quick test to see if you can do it. Maybe in the future maybe I do something more serious in the rooms of Franklin's home.
I recommend using the close-up views, inside the rooms sometimes visual goes crazy (disappearing walls, ceilings, floors, etc.), it is strange the inside of the buildings.


You need Map Editor by Guadmaz,

Then load the map whit Map Editor, you can put it in the scripts/AutoloadMaps folder to load it on startup.
F7 -> load -> xml -> secretrooms

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