Colt M1911 [Chrome Variant]

Colt M1911 [Chrome Variant]

Colt M1911 [Chrome Variant] Review
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The Colt 1911. If anything can symbolize America it's this gun in the talons of a bald eagle perched upon Kate Upton's shoulder while she eats a triple patty cheeseburger, wearing an American Flag bikini. I picked up a bunch of these shiny fuckers from some surplus store out in Las Venturas. Wether you're looking for a show piece or a trusty handgun to bring to your next drive-by, this silver plated monster is sure to steal the shows.

1.1 - Magazine Added

[Just a little something I did early this morning,Ill do the mag later tonight, i have work all day and didnt wanna leave you guys with nothing! Textures arent - expected from a 2010 game - HD, but it still looks great, especially with the chrome helping out. I had a few requests for older guns, so with black ops having a load of 70's guns its perfect for those who like vietnam era weapons. I plan on having the olympia done by tonight.]
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